What Greatness Does (Ep. #31 with Brady Dale)

Episode 31 Cover ImageBrady has a weakness for comic books. Not just the amount of money he spends on them, but what they do to him emotionally. In this episode, he talks about some of the comics that really get him going and completely embarrasses himself at the end. It’s rough. He didn’t even really want to post this one, but here you go. Begin laughing now.

With Jaime Fountaine, R. Eric Thomas and T.J. Hurley.


If you’d like to read some of the comics sited in this piece, you can check them out on Amazon.

I was also planning to talk about Marvel’s Civil War, but we ran short on time. What happened to Cap at the end of that, though… dude. Woah. It’s worth reading. Comics as legit social commentary.

All photos for this post were taken by R. Eric Thomas, on his iPhone. #iphoneonly