#33 – The last episode of The World Exists

The World Exists


Hey all, this is going to be our last episode. So, I hope you enjoy it. I like the part where we talk about museums to ourselves. It’s a Jaime led story, and she also did the first ep, so that’s kind of symmetrical.


This episode also features T.J. Hurley, R. Eric Thomas and Brady Dale.

It’s been a good experiment. I hope you enjoyed it. If you haven’t listened to all of them and want more of us, they are all still up. I may take down the site after a while, but not immediately.

Thanks for being here.


What Greatness Does (Ep. #31 with Brady Dale)

Episode 31 Cover ImageBrady has a weakness for comic books. Not just the amount of money he spends on them, but what they do to him emotionally. In this episode, he talks about some of the comics that really get him going and completely embarrasses himself at the end. It’s rough. He didn’t even really want to post this one, but here you go. Begin laughing now.

With Jaime Fountaine, R. Eric Thomas and T.J. Hurley.


If you’d like to read some of the comics sited in this piece, you can check them out on Amazon.

I was also planning to talk about Marvel’s Civil War, but we ran short on time. What happened to Cap at the end of that, though… dude. Woah. It’s worth reading. Comics as legit social commentary.

All photos for this post were taken by R. Eric Thomas, on his iPhone. #iphoneonly


The Flight for Hard Rock (Cafe) (Episode #29, with R. Eric Thomas)


The Hard Rock Cafe has a whole life philosophy, and after Eric dropped out of college for a little bit, he completely bought into it. All 7 M’s. That’s right – the seven Ms. Want to find out more? I did. Listen. Also, there’s a chase scene.


Also featuring Brady Dale, T.J. Hurley and Jaime Fountaine.

Meeting Richard Hell (The World Exists #29, with Jaime Fountaine)

Jaime meets Richard HellEver meet someone you admired forever and it’s a total letdown? In this story, Jaime meets punk legend Richard Hell – twice – and he’s awesome each time. No disappointments. No depression. No bitter childhood memories. Yet it really is a true Jaime story. You should keep Wikpedia handy to get thru this ep.


With R. Eric Thomas, T.J. Hurley and Hillary Rea


T.J.’s Fateful Road Trip (The World Exists #28 with T.J. Hurley)



T.J. and one of his best friends gets the opportunity to take a road trip across the country, on someone else’s cash. They’ve got a month till their post-undergrad schooling starts. They’ve got girlfriends. Life looks pretty good. Then they hit Louisville.


Also featuring Brady Dale, R. Eric Thomas and Jaime Fountaine.

Toward the end of this video, TJ reminded me of the greatest music video from VH1′s heyday, “Cradle of Love.” 

Don’t forget, Brady Dale will be in the big Risk! Show in Philadelphia on Saturday. Get tickets here.

The Frenemy (The World Exists #27 with Hillary Rea)

In second grade, Hillary Rea thought she had a friend forever when she and another girl performed the big number from Dirty Dancing together for the schoolwide talent show. And they did stay intertwined forever (well, a long time), but you wouldn’t quite call it friendship.


Also featuring R. Eric Thomas, Jaime Fountaine and Brady Dale.

Don’t forget that RISK! is coming to Philadelphia in 10 days, featuring a story by Brady Dale (and Elna Baker – but she’s not on the podcast). Click the image for ticketing info for this April 20th show (at the Free Library Main Branch).

April 20th, Main Library, in association with First Person Arts, featuring Brady Dale, among others

Now you can talk to us. Really talk to us.

March 2013 Taping at Chez Rea


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TWE Recommends: Stand-up Mixtape


In honor of our listener, Spaghetti Werewolf, who was kind enough to leave us a rating and write a nice review on iTunes (thank you to everyone who does that), I wanted to honor his request for more storytelling podcasts.

Standup Mixtape with Cameron Esposito is an interesting first person podcast (here she is getting all up in your Facebook). The format is basically as follows: Esposito kicks it off with some funny story from her life. Then she brings on an up-and-coming Chicago comic. Sometimes the comic tells stories or sometimes he or she just does comedy.

But, Cameron pretty much always kicks it off with a story. So I’d say it is a storytelling podcast – with some traditional stand-up thrown in. Plus she has a live audience, which is always dope.

I liked this one with Liza Treyger a lot.